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Dream. Build. Play.
We our putting together research and new ideas every day, and we can help you change your ordinary spaces into so much more. Now you can enjoy your favorite getaway and escape every day.
Our Unique Services May Include:
SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder
Our vision is to create a new place in your home, basement, garage or shop to get away, stay active and have fun. This isn’t your traditional family room or finished basement…it’s an escape     from the norm.

The weather often keeps us indoors for many reasons, and being cooped up for several months a year can have a serious affect on our mood. Your Indoor Escape is designed to keep you happy and healthy year round, and help you fight the winter blues or SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. We are learning more and more today about how to deal with this and steps improve your health. We have put together a unique combination of ideas that you can incorporate into your home. Forget the blues...forget the forecast...now you can play every day.
Our unique approach combines several elements that are designed to improve your mood, fight the winter blues and keep you moving all year long. This may include unique lighting features, the use of color and textures, water features, indoor plants, outdoors to indoors features,  gathering areas, and all types of play areas. 
The weather can keep us indoors for several reasons and it can really have a negative affect on your mood. Sometimes it's too cold, dark, too buggy or just too rainy and wet. Or sometimes in the summer it's just too hot to be outdoors. Nothing beats the feeling of the first warm spring day and everyone is outside enjoying the perfect day. It is our goal to capture that feeling and give you a place to hang out and play every day.
Common Symptoms of SAD: Many people feel a little melancholy during the winter months, but if your symptoms seem severe and it affects your ability to function you should learn more about this disorder and get help.
     •Fatigue or lower energy level
     •Increased sleep and daytime drowsiness
     •Diminished concentration
     •Difficulty thinking clearly
     •Increased appetite.

6 Suggestions for fighting the blues or SAD: According to Dawn LaFrance, Counseling Center at Colgate University. For more information on this article see links below.
1. Try to pinpoint what is getting you down. Did your favorite sports team lose? Are you over-stressed from finances or job responsibilities, or just depressed from the lack of physical or social activities? 

2. Don't let your mood dictate your plans. Don't hibernate and get off the couch. Get outside if possible and stay active. Get together with friends and family and help each other stay moving. 

3. Watch your diet. The winter months can make us crave comfort food and more carbs. Also we tend to go out to eat more for something to do. A poor diet can really affect your energy.

4. Work out. You don't even have to have a specific goal or plan. Just staying active can really boost your mood. Grab a friend, stay active, start a hobby and make some time to play every day. 

5. Get more light into your life. Try to get outside as much as possible or turn on some extra lights. Specific lighting techniques can have a positive affect treating seasonal depression and also help you produce vitamin D.

6. Don't make life-changing decisions. "If you are in a funk give yourself some time before making any major decisions. Wait a month and see if you still feel the same", states LaFrance.